Alludee is not just a brand, it is an entire world. It is the expression of femininity, revealed in infinite ways. We combine unique signature elements with timeless designs.

Born in Oradea, Romania, Denisa Lupșe – the founder and creative director of Alludee – has followed her dream of combining strength and power with the delicate grace of women. This fascinating contrast can be found in all Alludee creations.


The trends of the moment are captured in the intricate spell of allude items. Premium fabrics are complimented by exquisite structures. our goal is to transform wearing an alludee item into an experience. The experience of a lifetime. The privilege of being yourself.


The Alludee design is easily distinguishable. It just stands out. sometimes its beauty is highlighted by simplicity, but we also like to dare for more. Threfore, we suggest you let yourself surprised by occassionaly exotic, but breathtaking designs that dress your less-known side.

Alludee is the bold statement of glam. a fashion antithesis. the expression of comfort and extravagance combined. It is different with a twist. Wearable with a touch of controversial. familiar, but statuesque.

Have we already told you we are in love with feathers? They are delicate and graceful, but so complex. They are the perfect symbol for the antinome of femininity: the ability of being delicate while hiding so much strength.


“My main goal is to redesign femininity in each and every alludee item. I want to reveal the infinite facets of women. I have always been fascinated by the way in which women can float like feathers, while walking like queens and being so strong. My creations express power, but they also suggest a delicate grace.”

Denisa Lupșe, founder and creative director of allude


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